Tuborg Open returns with The Chainsmokers to help fans across the world discover exciting new music

Danish beer brand Tuborg has announced the return of its Tuborg Open campaign for the fourth year running and will be teaming up with Grammy Award-winning artists The Chainsmokers to bring new music to fans around the world.

The Chainsmokerswho are among the world’s hottest recording artists, are working with Tuborg Open to make music discovery more fun and enjoyable than ever-before by inviting fans from across the globe to join the campaign alongside some of the biggest and best music stars in Europe and Asia. 

The campaign will see artists from Bosnia, Bulgaria, China, Nepal, Serbia and Uzbekistan creating brand new music using the unforgettable beat from Hope, a Chainsmokers track from the album Sick Boy” that has accumulated over 1 billion worldwide streams to date. 

The resulting music will feature unique sounds that span several genres, including pop, rock, hip-hop and folk, giving people the opportunity to experience new music from different cultures which push the boundaries of what they know and like. 

The Chainsmokers, comprised of producer duo Alex Pall and Drew Taggartreached international stardom in 2016 with breakthrough hits including "Don't Let Me Down" featuring Daya and "Closer" featuring HalseyIn April of 2017, the group released their debut album Memories… Do Not Open that produced Multi-Platinum certified smash hit "Something Just Like This" featuring Coldplay. 

Speaking about the opportunity to see how talented artists across the world reimagine their music, Drew Taggart said: We’re definitely curious to see how people interpret it. This campaign is going out to so many different cultural backgrounds and we can’t predict how they’ll interpret or reinterpret our songs. It’s going to be really exciting to see how other people infuse their cultural influences with our music. 

Alex Pall added: We have an opportunity for all of these amazing artists around the world to inject their culture, their experience, their tastes into our music, which is really exciting because these are special countries with incredible cultures and rich histories in music. Campaigns like this [Tuborg OPEN] make music even bigger and the world even smaller. 

As part of the campaign, fans across the world will be able to #JointheBeat in style using a new AR filter on social media that will allow them to upload videos of themselves enjoying the new tracks as they are released by their favourite artists. 

Milan Shah, International Marketing Manager at Tuborg, said, “Tuborg has a long-standing association with music having been involved in some of the biggest and best music festivals across the world for over 60 years. Since launching Tuborg Open in 2017, we couldn’t have imagined the impact it would have. It has resulted in more than 25 new tracks, with artists from around the world collaborating with major global artists including Major Lazer, Clean Bandit, Diplo and MØ and we are delighted that we can continue this with The Chainsmokers in 2020. Tuborg Open has always been about opening people’s minds up to more and giving people an opportunity to experience new music from different cultures and this year’s campaign will be no different” 


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