Grammy and Ivor Novello winners Clean Bandit set to shuffle their musical influences with Tuborg Open

Danish lager brand Tuborg has confirmed today it will bring back its Tuborg OPEN campaign for the third year, featuring Grammy award winners Clean Bandit. The trio, made up of Grace Chatto and brothers Luke and Jack Patterson, have sold 44 million global singles, working with artists such as Demi Lovato and Sean Paul on their hit tracks.

Tuborg Open uses music as a platform to encourage people to be Open to More by pushing the boundaries of what they know and like. This search for discovery is like putting a playlist “on shuffle”, allowing music fans to open their minds to new and diverse experiences. This year, Tuborg Open has invited Clean Bandit and their fans to go “on shuffle” around the globe to take inspiration from a diverse set of new artists. The trio, whose own musical style fuses different genres including classical, pop and electro and have firmly established themselves as one of the most collaborative groups of all time, making them the perfect fit for the project. 

In 2019, together with Tuborg, Clean Bandit will be pressing shuffle on their usual musical choices and inspirations by travelling to five key and varied markets - China, India, Nepal, Russia and Vietnam – where a local collaboration artist will immerse the band in the local cultures and experiences that have shaped their own musical style. Following their trip, which will include a meeting with fans in the city and studio time with the local artist, Clean Bandit will return home to work on a new collaborative track, started by the local artist and incorporating all the new experiences of the city.

In numerous other markets, including Ukraine, Serbia and Bosnia, locally selected artists will take an existing Clean Bandit track and create their own cover, inspired by both their influences and the original track. All the tracks will become part of the global playlist which will be available on global digital streaming platforms for fans to explore.

Speaking on the launch of the campaign, Grace Chatto said:

“We’re excited to be visiting artists and fans in these five countries as part of Tuborg OPEN – we’ve actually spent time in China and Russia before and we’ve had great experiences in both of these countries. We’re always keen to travel to new places and absorb the culture.”

Jack Patterson added:

“As a group of musicians and filmmakers, we’ve always taken inspiration from different styles and cultures, but it’s been more what we’ve stumbled across or found through some research. To be able to fully immerse ourselves in a new culture, with the local musician on hand to open doors and guide us through their city, is an amazing opportunity for us as people and artists.”

Describing the opportunity to collaborate with new artists, Luke Patterson said: “As an artist, it’s really important to be open to new ways of making music. A willingness to try new things is key to collaboration and is something that we’ve always tried to do since coming together as Clean Bandit. We’re excited that through this campaign we’re able to continue collaborating with artists around the world and look forward to sharing new experiences with some really talented musicians”.

The visits to China, India, Nepal, Vietnam and Russia will be captured and documented on Tuborg’s digital channels, starting from May, where fans can follow Clean Bandit’s adventures whilst they go on shuffle around the world. The campaign will also be supported by packaging and POS content as well as local market performances.

Milan Shah, International Marketing Manager at Tuborg, said,

"The impact that Tuborg OPEN has had around the world is beyond what we could have imagined. We’ve created more than 20 brand new collaborative tracks to date, bringing together different cultures and musical styles, and inspired our target audience to being Open to More and explore new music from around the world. Now, we're excited to be taking Clean Bandit on Shuffle and into five of our key markets to give them the true experience of that nation. Clean Bandit have a great history of creating tracks that fuse different musical genres, so we are delighted to provide the opportunity for them to spend a significant amount of time with the artist they are collaborating with to create a track that is authentically reflective of the culture it has come from”.


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