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Towards a ZERO Accident Culture: Rolling out Health and Safety Days globally

At Carlsberg, we believe that all accidents are preventable. With the successful launch of Health and Safety Days, Carlsberg is taking steps towards a ZERO Accidents Culture.

Choices, choices, choices - life is full of them, ranging from the smallest day-to-day choices to those that are life changing. A focus on health and safety at work helps us to safeguard all the choices that we have every day.

I 2023, we rolled out a Health and Safety Day across all markets and all functions within Carlsberg Group, full of interactive and practical experiences that are designed to bring us all closer to our ZERO Accidents Culture ambition.

The initiative was successfully started in Germany and Norway, receiving a lot of positive feedback from participants of the event. As a day that is “unusual, with many practical exercises and ‘aha’ moments”, Carlsberg employees are made aware of the range of different risks and the steps that can be taken to protect ourselves and those around us.

"Carlsberg Germany has achieved a significant reduction of accidents in 2022, and this event helps us to keep health and safety top-of-mind and to continue towards ZERO"

- Simon Fibiger
Managing Director, Germany. 

"The Health and Safety event has gone very well and increased our Health and Safety focus in preparing for the high season!"

- Patricia Medina, 
VP ISC, Norway. 

"During stressful times, we might create unnecessary risks that could lead to an accident – this day helped to reemphasize that we should not let busy times compromise our safety, and how we can go about it.”

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